Making America Safe Again

The new regime in Washington has promised to make America safe again. Here’s what has been done or proposed so far:

  • Travel has been banned from several Muslim-majority countries, none of which has been implicated in any terrorist attacks on US soil. Since 9/11, foreign-born terrorists have killed roughly one American per year anywhere on the planet. And the terrorists that did execute 9/11 were from countries not named in the travel ban (Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where (hmm?) the new regime has business ties).
  • The regime’s proposed budget cuts funding for the Coast Guard, presumably to release funds to build the big, beautiful border wall. Here’s what the Coast Guard does, among other things, EVERY DAY:
      • Conducts 48 search and rescue cases,
      • Saves 9 lives, and
      • Assists 73 people in distress.

    Somehow, it doesn’t seem that cutting the CG budget is helping save American lives.

  • The GOP health plan will leave up to 24 million Americans without health insurance over the next decade or so. How many of those people will die without access to health care?
  • The proposed budget cuts funding for the National Institutes for Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Science Foundation, and other agencies dedicated directly or indirectly to public health. How many lives are saved by ongoing research in cancer, heart disease, and lung disease, or by coordinated efforts to contain viruses like Zika?
  • Then there’s the Environmental Protection Agency. At a time when climate change is perhaps the greatest long-term threat to American lives, aside from human lives generally, gutting the EPA and putting a climate-change denier in charge of it is perhaps the ultimate in disregard for American safety.

The regime’s proposals and actions are worse than useless in making American safe again — they’re downright antithetical to that goal. If a president were genuinely concerned about making America safe, she or he would focus on research in cures for diseases, research in self-driving cars, and gun control. That’s where we could save lives.

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