I have often recently read letters to our local paper (the Oregonian) that we who protest the policies and actions of the Trump regime are crybabies who just can’t stand to lose an election without balling our fists, stomping our feet, and wailing like bereft toddlers. “You lost. Get over it.” we’re told. “Deal with it. Stop whining.”

You mean like the Tea Party, formed after Obama’s election in 2008? Formed in response to the Obama administration’s plans to provide financial aid to bankrupt homeowners? Who held up signs at highway overpasses saying “Hands off my Medicare” in their demands for small government? Who arranged protests across more than 40 cities in February, 2009? Those quiet, tolerant folks?

Or maybe you mean the Republican Party? The party that never got over Obama’s election, that declared from day one that they would oppose anything — anything — that Obama put forward. And then they did, for eight years. That’s certainly an example of dealing with it. Not to mention a shining example of good governance.

Here’s the thing. It’s our right — no, it’s our obligation — as citizens of the United States to make our voices heard. Sure, we voted (in greater numbers than the “winners” as it turns out), but that’s not the end of it. We write letters, we march, we rally our friends, we make placards, we yell, we donate, we attend town halls, we sign petitions, we call our Congressfolks, we do whatever is legally available to us to make our opposition to the Trump regime clear.

You’re going to be hearing from us for as long as it takes. Get over it.

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